We are building systems that support positive transformation in the production of food that enhances the health of people and planet.

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Climate Smart Farming

In our solutions to Climate-Smart Farming, we transform farming into green and climate- resilient practices. Some of the practices include improving soil health, understanding landscape patterns to develop crop patterns according to 

Digital Circularity

We develop metrics for sustainability and capture emissions using data and science-based targets to achieve circular productivity. By integrating information and systems to gather data across the production of food, our Digital

Clean Goods

We are creating brands that can add value to nature and consumers certified as Clean Goods. Through research and product development, we aim to improve growing methods by supporting our farmer community to adopt

About Us

The core challenge of the farming community is to build methods that are nature-positive in the production of food. It needs a system that supports interconnectedness between man and nature. Growing food has to replenish and rejuvenate us and our nature. The Circular Farm Company supports the transition to a circular, interconnected and regenerative agri-food system. We believe that focusing on these principles is key to securing a sustainable and healthy food supply to all citizens, while protecting nature’s and people’s wellbeing. We achieve this through innovations and partnerships from production to consumption that foster the transition towards a circular agri-food system, strengthen regenerative agriculture and promote healthy, transparent and fair local production. We strengthen the food producing communities, revive traditional knowledge in growing and create a more inclusive and equitable food system. We believe in a future where both people and the planet’s wellbeing is improved and create a climate positive approach in the production of food.

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Lives impacted

$1 Million

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Resource Mobilization

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Urban Farm

Community and neighborhood development projects .. More

Sustainable Food

Sustainable food systems are not just about farming ..

Regenerative Model

Modern agricultural practices have taken us far away from ..

Eco Restoration

Ecological restoration is the process of assisting the ..